In the heart of the city of Sciacca, among narrow streets, courts and stairways full of charm and history we find "La Finestra sul Cortile", a recently renovated structure located in a historic building of the late '600, the "Palazzo Quartararo", home of the noble artist Riccardo Quartararo (Sciacca 1443 - Palermo 1506). In Sciacca are attributed to him and his workshop the "Crucifixion" of the church of Santa Margherita and the "Risen Christ and Mary Magdalene" painted on the wooden cross kept in the Church of Carmine and coming from the church of San Michele.

Near the structure stands the fourteenth-century castle of the Conti Luna, noble family of the city, famous for the "Case of Sciacca", a historical dispute with the family of Perollo, lasted over 100 years. The castle dominates the area of San Michele, an intricate and fascinating maze, a real casbah, with houses crowded together in a scenic way.