Sciacca is a seaside town, rich in works of art and fine architecture. Strolling through the narrow streets and alleyways of the characteristic historic centre, it seems as if time has stood still.

It has three levels:

A lower level with the 'marina', the port and the seafront. Here you can admire the "Scoglio di Sant'Elmo" or "Rocca Regina" and "Coda della Volpe", one of the most evocative places that the town of Sciacca owns, a natural ridge where a long time ago a genoan shepherd decided to open a passage for his flock, which became the "Buco di Cammordino". 

The middle level encloses the historic centre with its monuments, 34 churches, historical buildings and characteristic ceramic workshops. Worth mentioning are the majestic "Palazzo Tagliavia San Giacomo", with its crenellated terrace and the longest balcony in Europe, dating back to the 15th century; "Palazzo Steripinto", the Cathedral now a Basilica, the Scaglione Museum, "Piazza Scandaliato", a large terrace overlooking the sea, a reference point for all citizens.

The upper part, known as the San Michele Quarter, with its 16th-century "Mura di Vega" walls. Some of the gates to the town centre still remain: "Porta Palermo" rebuilt in 1753 during the reign of Charles III of Bourbon, "Porta San Salvatore" and the "Piazza del Carmine" and "Porta San Calogero" built in 1536.

Not to be missed is Filippo Bentivegna's "Enchanted Castle", a unique place populated by thousands of heads carved on the rocks, branches and trunks of olive trees.

Festivals and celebrations in Sciacca

Feast of Our Lady of Succour - 2 February and 15 August
Traditional procession of the sacred image of the Madonna, carried on the shoulders of 100 barefoot sailors, and the ritual of the "Fumata", a cloud of incense that spreads in the air, recalling the miracle of the liberation from the plague in 1626.

The Carnival of Sciacca
Parades of carnival floats through the streets of the town. The protagonists are the floats: iron, paper, wood, technology, passion and sacrifice are the indispensable elements for the realisation of these works of art.

Feast of the Ascension Day
Better known as "La Sceusa". A parade of animals harnessed up with flowers and colourful bows: horses, sheep, Girgentan goats and Sicilian horse carts.

Feast of Saint Calogero - Whit Tuesday
Feast in honour of San Calogero, patron saint of the town, celebrated annually to commemorate the 1578 miracle and the liberation from the earthquake.

Feast of St Peter - 27/29 June
Called the 'Sagra del Mare', it takes place during the celebrations in honour of Sts Peter and Paul. Three days of religious, cultural, musical and gastronomic events that kick off the summer season.

Christmas - 08 December / 06 January
Events that give space to culture, art and popular traditions. Christmas markets.


Nearby places to visit (approximate distances) :
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  • Eraclea Minoa (Km 30)
  • Selinunte Archaeological Park (Km 35)
  • Torre Salsa Natural Reserve (Km 40)
  • La Scala dei Turchi (Km 50)
  • Valley of the Temples of Agrigento (Km 60)
  • Erice, Mozia e lo stagnone di Marsala (Km 100)
  • Palermo e Monreale (Km 100)
  • The Salt Pans of Trapani and Marsala (115 Km)
  • The Egadi Islands (145 Km)